Alankomaalainen Morgenster on lähes 100-vuotias priki.

46-metrinen Morgenster on yksi kahdestakymmenestä Turkuun saapuvasta A-luokan aluksesta. Tässä kaksimastoisessa prikissä on purjepinta-alaa 600 neliömetrin verran. Vuonna 1983 Muterin pariskunta osti huonoo kuntoon ajautuneen Morgensterin ja alukseen alettiin tehdä perusteellisia korjauksia. Vuonna 2008 alus oli vihdoin kunnostettu kokonaan ja se pääsi jälleen purjehtimaan maailman merille.

Morgenster was launched in 1919 as a herring lugger “Vrouw Maria” SCH 324 for the fishing company den Dulk. She was built at the shipyard Boot in Alphen.
In 1927 she was motorised (200 HP La Meuse) and extended for another 7 meters. There she got her new name “Morgenster”. She continued as a motorised fishing vessel until 1970. Due to certification requirements the owner took her out of fishing. She was sold to Jaq Vrolijk who exploited her in sport fishing daytrips.

After losing certificates for this business she was sold to a Rotterdam’s singer who was said to prepare the ship for ether piracy. The singer was prosecuted, but after a series of trials and 20 years later he was freed and regained the possession of his ship.

In 1983 Marian and Harry Muter bought the vessel in a terrible state of maintenance. The ship was towed to Zijkanaal B near the lovely little village of Spaarndam. Serious repairs and maintenance were carried out during the winter. After selling STV “Jantje” in 2005, Marian and Harry had the opportunity to attend their project with Morgenster on a full time basis.

Finally, in June 2008 she was formally blessed into the sailing world again by the very sympathetic Minister Maria van der Hoeve. Morgenster proved to be a fine vessel ever since, and fast enough in all sorts of weather and easy to handle.

Luokka: A

Class: A

Kotisatama: Den Helder, Alankomaat

Home port: Den Helder, Netherlands

Valmistumisvuosi: 1919

Year built: 1919

Takilatyyppi: Priki

Rig: Brig

Pituus: 46,03 m

Length: 46,03 m

Korkeus: 25 m

Height: 25 m